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4 Protein Sources That Are Way More Sustainable Than Chicken

4 Protein Sources That Are Way More Sustainable Than Chicken

If you’re reading this, then there’s a pretty good chance you love chicken. It’s versatile; you can have baked chicken, fried chicken, cold chicken, and so on. One of the reasons it’s used so widely is because it’s a source of protein. The problem is that farming and eating chicken just isn’t sustainable at all.

So, are there any other more sustainable protein sources? Excellent question, and here are the answers:



Beans are such an excellent source of protein and can often be used instead of chicken in a lot of dishes. If you love Mexican style food like enchiladas, quesadillas or burritos, then swapping the chicken for beans works brilliantly. They bring a different texture and flavor to the dish while still adding a powerful protein content. Plus, seeing as they grow naturally in the world, beans are far more sustainable than meat products! There’s a recipe below for a bean-based dish that really hits the spot and is full of nutritional goodness:



If you love meat and want something somewhat similar, then salmon is a great alternative protein source for you. Thanks to things like the Global Salmon Initiative, steps have been made to ensure that farming salmon is more sustainable than ever before. It’s not as damaging to the environment to farm salmon compared to chicken or other meat, and there’s such a large population of this fish that it’s easy to keep on eating it over and over again.


That’s right, little garden peas are a wonderfully sustainable source of protein. Much like beans, they can be grown organically and naturally, but they also have further environmental benefits as well. When peas are planted, they give off nitrogen, which is used to fertilize the soil. So, there’s no need for any harmful chemicals to help fertilize it instead! Also, they don’t need much water to grow, so you get added sustainability there too. Adding a side of peas to a few of your meals per week is an excellent way of adding more protein to a meal.


Quinoa is a grain, which makes it so incredibly sustainable. It doesn’t produce a substantial carbon footprint, and the protein content is outstanding. Plus, it can be used in so many different ways for pretty much every meal of the day. You can cook the quinoa and use it as an alternative to rice as a side to your dinner. Mixing it with vegetables and spices makes it ideal for a healthy lunch, and you can even use quinoa to make porridge as well. In fact, there’s a recipe video below for a delicious quinoa porridge that can provide you with a protein-packed start to the day.

If we don’t start eating sustainable foods, then we’re going to run out of things to eat! Yes, chicken is delicious and an excellent protein source, but you need to cut down on it from time to time. Instead, look at all of these protein sources that are way more sustainable than chicken, and try making them part of your regular diet!

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