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Go, Go Kitchen Gadgets

Go, Go Kitchen Gadgets

Gadgets combine everything that makes foodie and tech people happy. What makes kitchen gadgets even better is that you don’t even know how great they are until you have chance to use one for the first time.

In this article we take a look at eight of this year’s essential gadgets that combine the best in tech and food craft.

Avocado Slicer

Avocados are no longer the food stuffs of hipster cafes, the popularity of this brunch staple is such that there are even gadgets ready to slice, scoop and destone this vegetable du jour.  Say goodbye to green slimy hands and hello to the OXO Good Grips 3-in-1

Over the sink cutting board and drainer

You don’t think you want one of these until you realise how much space they save and just how convenient it is to cut, rinse and drain all in one spot.

The Multi-Function Strainer is particularly useful for the chef who finds themselves cooking regularly in a less than spacious kitchen.

A see-through toaster

If your toaster has a mind of its own and numbers seem more randomly allocated than related to actual levels of crispiness, then this gadget is a dream come true. No more burnt toast, you’ll be able to see exactly how brown your bread’s getting through the double-sided clear panels.

This one from Magimix claims to be the world’s first see-through toaster It also comes with a hefty price tag.

Novelty ice moulds

Forget rectangles, we’re talking about skull ice cubes. You’re going to make your cocktails unforgettable with these little beauties. If the macabre doesn’t appeal there are plenty of alternative options from floating shark fins to novelty hearts for the more romantically inclined.

Source: Adobe Stock

Source: Adobe Stock

Fabulous frying pans

Great cooking doesn’t come from novelty goods but great, good quality basics and investing in some of the best cast iron skillets for your kitchen in 2019 is always going to be a great investment.

Look for cast iron pans that come with a guarantee. You may need to season them but the benefit of cooking with cast iron is their ability to transfer from oven to hob with no reason to worry about them getting damaged. They can handle the heat.

Egg shapes

Fussy eaters in the family? There are times when you’re just looking to make something quick and easy and just get it done. How about an egg shaper that can produce eggs as stars, hearts or flowers? How could anyone resist these cute alternatives to boringly round poached eggs?

Slow cooker

Cooking done on your timeframe. Prep your meal the night before when you’re not in a rush. Put it in the slow cooker the next morning and you’ll have dinner ready right on time. Alternatively, leave it on overnight for perfect porridge.

With a large enough pot to batch cook or feed the whole family, a slow cooker means far less work to do when you come through the door after a hard day at work. And, it’s not just about casseroles, prepare curries, pasta, chillies, anything you can think of, there’ll be a slow cooker recipe for.

If you could do without the hassle of cleaning the large bowl, pick up some slow cooker liners. Place in the bowl before the ingredients are put in and simply lift out at the end along with any leftover food.

Can strainer

For when you’ve got everything else but you’re still looking to make your cooking time as easy as possible. These silicone strainers fit over the top over an opened can and mean you can quickly drain liquid straight into the sink, without losing any food or risking a nasty cut from a sharp lid. Flip it over and it’s easy to strain a can of tuna too.

They’re easy to wash clean, just throw them in the dishwasher or sink.

When you’re the one doing the majority of the cooking in your household then making your kitchen time as fun and as easy as possible is a must. Get inspired with gadgets that not only look great but offer practical solutions to age old problems.

No more burnt toast with the revolutionary see-through toaster, uniformly sliced avocado with the stone removed quickly and cleanly and a slow cooker that gets the job done, even while you’re out.

Combining clever, useful tech and kitchen style makes the perfect gift for the chef in your life, whether that’s you or a significant other think outside the box and get them back in the kitchen with the perfect culinary surprise.

Kitchen Gadgets #kitchen #gadgets #cooking |  FoodieFoodMood.com

Kitchen Gadgets #kitchen #gadgets #cooking | FoodieFoodMood.com

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