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15 One Pot Easy Meals - Weekly Roundup

15 One Pot Easy Meals - Weekly Roundup

Hi friends! This week's roundup is a little biased because you may know already that I love my slow cooker. Also, I'm having a hard time eating animal products so I am reducing their intake as much as possible, that's why I've included vegan or vegetarian options. I don't know if all pregnant women are like me :D but I'm developing a taste for home made food, as I can have total control over what I'm eating. It seems like pregnancy is a perfect time to get healthy and learn how to eat food that makes you and your baby happy!

Try this vegan version of the the famous Sukiyaki.

Tacos are and will always be one of my true loves, and what I like the most about this salad is that it doesn't use shells (they are a little mean to my stomach), so win-win.

Chicken is one of the animal products that I'm struggling to eat right now, but I can't say no to an Asian inspired recipe.

See how you don't need animal products to have a meal full of protein? This bowl includes 2 superfoods: quinoa and beans.

I never say no to soup! Especially if it can be done in an hour.

I love paellas. We went to a street food festival over the weekend and saw how they make them, it is impressive! This paella includes saffron, which makes it extra fancy.

I like to add mushrooms to almost anything, they are delicious and make everything better in my opinion.

The second shrimp dish in this list, because why not. Being in a foreign country I've noticed that Chinese food here doesn't taste the same as in Costa Rica. It makes me wonder how does it taste the original in China. But anyway, perhaps a solution could be try to make my own Chinese food.

You can still enjoy this pasta dish without the vodka!

Try this clever risotto adaptation, made with cauliflower rice!

You can never go wrong with tomato soup, and it tastes so good with bread and cheese!

Mexican food is not only delicious but also easy to prepare!

You can make this in the slow cooker!

Perfect for busy week nights!

Let's close this roundup with some cheesy deliciousness!

15 Easy One Pot Recipes | FoodieFoodMood.com

15 Easy One Pot Recipes | FoodieFoodMood.com

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