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15 Ways to Cook Red Meat - Weekly Roundup

15 Ways to Cook Red Meat - Weekly Roundup

Hi friends! This week I've been in a mood for meat, but not any meat, specifically red meat and even better, if it's an Asian recipe, also, my husband looooves meat, and I want to treat him and learn about new recipes to cook for him, although he is much better than me in the kitchen!

We are changing seasons in Cape Town so with more sunny days soon we will be having more "braais", which is the South African version of a barbecue. It is so popular and they like it so much that they even have a National Braai Day, which is on September 24th, and it's a public holiday!

I'm still not able to eat chicken, I guess my baby doesn't like it! But I am absolutely in love with Asian cuisine these days, I wish I could eat sushi as I miss it very much, but I guess I'll have all of it once my baby is born!

As usual, thank you to the kind bloggers who allowed me to post their recipes, and by the way, inspiring me with their delicious ideas!

Stir fryes are always an easy and delicious option for a weeknight meal, and it's also a great way to get more veggies into your diet. 

For those of you interested in the Keto way, this low-carb stuffed peppers are a perfect option.

I love fanciness and filet-mignon has always seems to me the fanciest of ways to eat red meat, plus this recipe will take you almost no time to prepare.

As you may know, I love my slow cooker. So far I've only made soups and stews, but you can even make desserts! Pho is a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup; this version has beef but you can also make it with chicken.

This tasty recipe is keto, gluten-free and diary free. You can head over to KalynsKitchen.com to search for diet options.

Did you know that there is a National Hamburger Day? I love all these offbeat holidays as they give you an excuse to get creative in the kitchen! Also a great opportunity to try something new, like bison meat.

Full of authentic South Louisiana flavor, these Cajun Meatball are also grain and gluten-free.

A goulash is a Hungarian soup or stew, highly seasoned and therefore full of flavor.

You can prepare this beef brisket if you have a family gathering and freeze the leftovers for a later date.

One of the things I've missed the most since I moved to South Africa is Taco Bell. Here, they have their own chain restaurants, and only last year I saw Pizza Hut opening a restaurant in Cape Town, same as Burger King a couple of years ago. I wish Taco Bell decided to come to Africa, but meanwhile, I shall make my own versions!

Beef burritos minus the rolling! Add sour cream to make it extra delicious!

My mom used to make a similar dish to this one, perfect for a quick weeknight meal!

Here's another one skillet recipe, to make your life easier!

Inspired by the famous Chines restaurant PF Chang's!

To end this roundup, have a look at another French inspired recipe, Beef Bourguignon.

15 Ways to Cook Red Meat | FoodieFoodMood.com

15 Ways to Cook Red Meat | FoodieFoodMood.com

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