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Galaxy, Rainbow and Unicorn Foods

Galaxy, Rainbow and Unicorn Foods

This is my first blog roundup! And I feel very encouraged. I reached out to bloggers that I have followed for a while, and whose work I admire, to ask them if it was possible for me to share their lovely pictures and the response was so amazing. I am beyond grateful! Not only they are incredibly talented people but also people with beautiful hearts. Thank you all for helping me build my little blog!

There's a little bit for everyone in this post: there are fancy recipes, easy recipes, things kids would love (I know my 6-year-old nephew would love some of these!); party treats... We have the best of the best here!

I am in love with this new trend, the "Galaxy", "rainbow", "unicorn" stuffs; I've seen them all over Instagram and Pinterest, and I wanted to try them all. It just so happens that baking is not one of my gifts! Regardless, I am infatuated with this magical trend; even tried to make "galaxy cookies"... all I can say is you need to practice this craft!

Baking is a precise science: it's not like cooking where mistakes and experimentation are allowed. Not so with baking: you either follow the recipe to the dot or the result will be an overwhelming mistake (or at least that is my experience with baking). I started to feel interested in baking years ago thanks to a friend from work who shared with me her own recipe for chocolate chip cookies. I prefer to do everything myself, not a big fan of premixes.

I prefer the carefreeness of "normal" cooking, despite that, I feel that some of these recipes are quite easy to make, so stay tuned to see if I managed to finally make myself a fancy treat!

Also, do yourself a favour and follow these blogs. They offer super detailed instructions, which is something a newbie like me really appreciates!  I promise you will enjoy the ride.


I stumble upon these fancy macaroons and I can't get enough of them. Philip from SouthernFatty.com is absolutely right when he says that "everybody wants a unicorn". Just imagine how these taste with that buttercream fill! 

Recipe and more fancy photos here: http://www.southernfatty.com/unicorn-macarons/


I'm thinking that my birthday is around the corner, and despite of it's intricate design, the preparation is quite easy! So I might give it a try in the next couple of months!

Check it out here: http://www.crazyforcrust.com/2017/05/unicorn-cake-roll/

Cotton Candy Poke Cake

This recipe was very fun to read, it made me feel like a kid again. I always enjoy when bloggers share a little bit of themselves. Also, what a fantastic idea! And very important, kid friendly.

Read it here: https://iscreamforbuttercream.com/cotton-candy-poke-cake/


This one is so incredibly cute! When I saw it all I could say was awwwww! I like this so much. Don't you think how awesome it is that people can come up with ideas like this?

Read all about it here:  http://valeventgal.com/2016/02/rainbow-donuts-with-marshmallow-clouds/

Galaxy Cookies

Samantha's blog is full of sweetness and beautiful recipes! The best part is that she does everything from scratch, and gives super detailed instructions!

More here: https://sugarspunrun.com/galaxy-cookies/


Dawn's blog is all about cute things! Here in Cape Town we are in winter, but I will sure keep this for summer when the average temperatures are around 40 degrees!

There are a lot of ideas for the summer heat here: https://cutefetti.com/2017/04/unicorn-sundaes.html

Galaxy Brownies

Another blog that is full of colour and magic! I feel like people who make desserts are so sweet inside!

See the brownie recipe and more here: http://themondaybox.com/2017/04/galaxy-brownies/

Sweet Potato Pancakes

I have mentioned before that my favorite meal of the day is breakfast, and I'm planning to make this pancakes in the very near future! It reminded me of one time when I was dating my now husband, I invited him for breakfast and my plan was to make pancakes. Well... he ended up making them! :D :D I've learnt so much from him.

Check out Rebeca's blog, who is also a breakfast lover: http://strengthandsunshine.com/vanilla-purple-sweet-potato-pancakes/

Vanilla Frosted Funfetti Donuts (Baked and Super Easy)

To end this roundup let's have some donuts! These ones are very easy to make.

See it here: http://bakerbynature.com/vanilla-frosted-funfetti-donuts-baked-super-easy/

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Roundup of colourful unicorn dessert recipes #unicornfoods #mermaidfoods #unicorndesserts | FoodieFoodMood.com

Roundup of colourful unicorn dessert recipes #unicornfoods #mermaidfoods #unicorndesserts | FoodieFoodMood.com

Now you have some ideas to sweeten your week! Which one do you think we should try? And a big thank you again to the people who helped me with this post!

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