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Tuesday Treats Roundup - Street Food from Around the World!

Tuesday Treats Roundup - Street Food from Around the World!

This blog roundups are so much fun to make! And we have learnt a lot! This week, we are talking about street food. There is no better way to know a culture than through its food. I know some people might say "do not eat from street vendors"... and sometimes they would be right :D but then you might also miss some things that you won't find anywhere else.

Walkie-Talkies - South Africa

Let me tell you about a recent discovery I made here in South Africa: since I've been researching about street food, my husband, who is very South African, has brought me stuff like samosas and rotis; samosas I've seen a lot but rotis were very new to me.

Then I asked him about this thing called "walkie-talkies": it's chicken feet. Literally, chicken feet they make in a "braai" (which is how they call a barbecue) and sell it on the street. Yes, have a look below if you don't believe me: http://www.mzansistylecuisine.co.za/kasi-style-braaied-chicken-feet/

Vegan Falafels - Middle East

Falafels  are typical of the Middle East, but nowadays they are so popular that you can find them all over the world. Even McDonald's tried their luck with McFalafel in Egypt :D Try this delicious vegan variety from RhiansRecipes.com

Chicken Tikki Masala - India

This one is one of my favourites, an indian dish that I've seen all over South Africa, since the Indian population is really big in here!

Pan-fried Chinese dumplings - China

Delicious and very easie to make chinese dumplings!

Buckwheat Galletes - France

Fancy France also has their own kinds of street food! 

ELOTES - México

We also eat elotes in Costa Rica! It bring so many good memories, of my grandmother making them in the "fogón" (a kind of stove that uses wood); I love them only with butter, but wouldn't mind eating this delicious variation!

Socca - France

Another piece of street food from France! It is made with chickpea flour, something I didn't even know existed! Check out this post, it is filled with very interesting facts about Socca!

Langos - Hungary

The Langos really caught my attention, first, because they look like something I want to eat right now, and second, because it is not every day that you stumble upon a traditional dish from Hungary, no less. When was the last time you heard about Hungary?

Korean Slaw Dog - Korea

And this one looks like the hotdogs my mom makes! We also add coleslaw and really makes it worthy! Adding some Korean spices and sauces would be a nice experiment for the weekend, check it out!

Thanks for reading! And thanks once again to people who shared their creativity with me! Remember you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

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