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Weekly Blog Roundup - Easy Sauces and Dips Recipes - Part 2

Weekly Blog Roundup - Easy Sauces and Dips Recipes - Part 2

Hi friends! As promised, here is part 2! I managed to get so many recipes and they all are worth sharing, I just couldn't decide! You can catch up with part 1 here :)

It's my birthday today (remember I told you about the "birthday season" in my family?) and I've been craving tacos, but you won't believe how difficult it's to find a place that sells tacos in Cape Town! I know there are Mexican food restaurants in the city center, but we live about 40 minutes away, and I wanted them now! Luckily, these two roundups of sauces include a lot of sauces you can use for your tacos, so I guess I'll have to make my own!

I've made a small change on my schedule, as it looks like it wasn't fitting the rest of my activities, so from now on, the "Tuesday Treats Roundups" will be called "Weekly Blog Roundup" and it will be going live on Wednesdays. This way, I'll be posting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, which gives me enough time to promote the blog and my social media accounts!

Let's have a look at the rest of these awesome recipes:

Savory Coney Island Sauce

I've learnt so much about different places in the world while doing my blog roundups, but American culture seems not so foreign as we have a lot of influence from them, via TV, books... You can't deny how far and wide the American influence goes! And Coney Island comes to mind thanks to Seinfeld, a show that I love to this day!

Vegan Spicy Miso Mayonaisse

This one is very interesting: it's the first time that I know of someone using the word "umami" in real life, and I've been intrigued about it for a while. Do you know what is umami? It's hard for me to describe, but it's a taste, like sweet, sour, etc. It's a very interesting concept worth exploring!

Blue Cheese Sauce on London Broil and Green Beans

I have many favourites in my life, and cheese is sure one of those things! Blue cheese and meat are a winning combination, so be sure to give this one a try!

Homemade Ketchup

You are probably so used to buy this kind of thing from the store that you don't even think of making it yourself, but you should, as it is quite easy!

Easy Homemade BBQ Sauce

One of the best parts of making your own sauces and dips is that  you know exactly what you are putting into them. They are healthier and tastier than store-brought, and you can also make them allergy friendly!

Homemade Chocolate Syrup

Not only can you make delicious sauces to accompany your main dishes, you can also make sauce for your sweet treats!

Chocolate Fudge Sauce

This delicious fudge sauce can be made with ingredients you probably already have at home!

Smoked Salmon Salad

I like to have salads for lunch at work due to their convenience, and sometimes what makes a salad really great is the dressing.

Vegan Basil Hemp Seed Pesto

If you love pesto, then this one is right up your alley, filled with superfoods as well!

Pretzel dipping sauce

I personally can't wait to try this one, as it is very easy and it has a fun combination of flavours!

Quick Blend Whole 30 Mason Jar Sauces

An interesting option that might help you achieve your fitness goals for 2017! There's still time ;)

Homemade Hot Sauce Recipe

Have you ever made "Awesomesauce"? Now you can :)

Taco Sauce Recipe

I'd use this sauce with more than tacos! 

Tartar Sauce

One of my favourites, and by the way, I use it in an unconventional way: I like to dip my chips in it!

Jalapeño Chimichurri Sauce

We have our version of chimichurri in my natal Costa Rica, and love it when I see people creating new and delicious versions of traditional foods!


Thanks for reading! And thanks once again to people who shared their creativity with me! Remember you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

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