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6 Reasons Why Smoothies are Good for You

6 Reasons Why Smoothies are Good for You

I am a huge fan of smoothies. I started to take them after workouts, but now they have become a staple in my home. I have to take advantage as well of the seasonality of fruits in South Africa, as fruits like pineapples are not easy to find all year round, but do not let this to be a reason for not making smoothies: as it turns out, smoothies are versatile and allow you to experiment.

Here are 6 reasons why I think smoothies are so great:

1. Quick and easy.

How long does it take to make a smoothie? 10 minutes tops. You will probably take longer at the grocery shop buying the ingredients than making it and drinking it.

2. They are fun.

Well yes, I think they are fun. I am curious person and fond of experimentation, so I find making smoothies a rather enjoyable experience. I get to experiment with flavours and add ingredients that otherwise I won't try!

3. You get to eat more fruit and vegetables.

Like I mentioned above, smoothies give you a chance for experimentation. Let me give you an example: you know how popular are those chia seeds? Well, chia seed pudding is not on the top list of my favourite things, I think it's the gooey consistency. But, if I add them to a smoothie I get to enjoy the health benefits without actually "tasting' them. Another example? Spinach. Super healthy, super difficult to eat, at least for me (my husband loves it). Add spinach to a green smoothie and there you go, your daily dose of vitamin K served!

4. You can have them as breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Smoothies are very versatile, and regardless of what people say, I'd have them at whatever time I feel convenient! I'm no dietitian so I can't tell you much about the best times to eat your fruits, but I do think they are important to have through the day, so does it really matter if I prefer my fruit for dinner? I don't think so.

5. They are filling.

Yes, they are. Add enough ingredients and you can replace a whole meal with a tasty smoothie! Add lots of fruits and vegetables and you will be full for quite a while!

6. They help you stay beautiful!

It is well known that eating fruits and vegetables keeps you healthy, and having a smoothie packed with fruits and veggies can really help you have a beautiful skin and a shiny mane!

To celebrate our love for smoothies, let me share with you this recipe for a pineapple smoothie. I like to use double cream yoghurt as it makes the smoothies very creamy! I'm also incorporating chia seeds into my diet. As you may know, chia seeds are high in antioxidants and full of vitamins, no wonder they are considered a super food! They are also an excellent aid for digestion as they contain lots of fiber. 

By the way, I am planning to release a freebie. This blog is young but I love it so much, it has brought me so much joy! And I'd like to show you my appreciation somehow, since without your support I wouldn't be doing this! I feel so encouraged with your comments and positive feedback! So I was thinking making a little ebook, perhaps with recipe cocktails? Or maybe you would like a tutorial on how to edit your photos on Instagram? I was running a poll on Twitter and those were the 2 winners (if there is such a thing as 2 winners :D) I was also thinking about giving away 10 lightroom presets, would that be of interest to you? I'm a professional designer and photographer and have lots of experience in those areas, so if there is something you would like to learn and think I can help you, let me know in the comments! Your input is greatly appreciated!




  • 1 pineapple.
  • 100 grams of strawberries.
  • 2 bananas.
  • 500ml milk.
  • 250 grams double cream yoghurt.
  • 1 tsp. chia seeds.


  • Peel the pineapple and the bananas and chopped them into small pieces.
  • Blend all the ingredients together and enjoy!


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