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Joey Tribbiani's Meatball Sandwich

Joey Tribbiani's Meatball Sandwich

Do you remember that one episode of Friends where Joey risked his life to save his sandwich? Well apparently this was a very good sandwich, the best sandwich in the world, according to Joey. Personally, I have never tried a meatball sandwich before, but we managed to make this deliciousness and I'm impressed! I hope Joey would agree with me.

Since we made a lot of meatballs, I asked my husband to buy me "baguette" to make a couple of sandwiches - by the way: I've noticed that in South Africa, "a couple" doesn't mean 2, it means anything bigger than 1 (I am wondering if this happens just in South Africa, or perhaps it is an English language quirk?) . They also have a very curious way to measure time, for instance how they use the word "now": "Now" doesn't mean immediately, it means some time in the future, and "now-now" sometime in the far future! 

Anyway, back to the curious South African lingo, my husband went to get me the baguettes. I also know baguettes as "French loaves", but apparently, here in South Africa, they are just French loaves. My husbands approached the baker and she looked at him confused, wondering what the hell was a "baguette"; didn't he mean to say "french loaf"? She even called her manager, who was also looking at my husband in disbelief as he said: "just give me a baguette". Well, now we know, there are no baguettes in South Africa, only French loaves. I laughed too much when I heard this story from my husband. You are too cute, Shaun.


Recipe - Joey Tribbiani's Meatball Sandwich

Ingredients (8 servings):


  • Spread butter in bread.
  • Add meatballs.
  • Bake for about 10 minutes or until the mozzarella cheese starts to melt.
  • Add some basil leaves and enjoy!
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