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Villa Colón's Green Fair

Villa Colón's Green Fair

This time let's go to a quaint little town in the outskirts of San José, Costa Rica's capital, only about 30 minutes away. We visited a weekly fair called "La Feria Verde" (Green Fair), an organic fair that takes place every week on Tuesdays. 

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Let me tell you about this little town. Its name is Ciudad Colón (or Villa Colón) and it is my hometown. This place has the particularity of being very culturally diverse, due to the fact that the University for Peace is located here. The University for Peace is an entity created by the ONU for people who want to further their studies in topics related to world peace. The university has students from all over the world, which makes my town a wonderful place to meet all kinds of people. Foreigners and locals alike get together to participate in the Green Fair.


Let me describe my town so you can close your eyes and see yourself here: imagine a summer evening, one of those where the breeze is a bit strong and the sun sets showing an incredible show, painting the sky in tones of red. These evenings are perfect for walking around the town, admiring the mountains you have all around you. So you get to the fair and see the beautiful lighting that gives the fair a very charming look. There are food trucks with typical foods and little shops selling indigenous souvenirs (close by -about 15 minutes away- there is an indigenous reservation, called Quitirrisí). The fair also has live music, so you can enjoy your food while enjoying Guantanamera!

Guess what artisan product is my favourite? Cheese! I found a delicious cheese with spices, some with basil, and goat cheese. So I bought my fair share of cheese to have a breakfast of champions the next day.

Remember I told you how multicultural my town is? So it is my family: we are Costa Ricans, Venezuelans, South Africans, so we love foreigners and all the good they have to share. We found a Colombian food truck and they were selling "patacones", this is green fried plantain, with guacamole, onions, pulled chicken and ground beans; they also had Colombian "arepas", they are made with corn, fried on a pan and you can put inside chicken, meat, or whatever you like! We bought the patacones and the arepas and enjoyed our dinner with live music and an awesome atmosphere at the fair.

If you have green plantain available try to make patacones! It's very easy: all you have to do is to boil the plantain until it is soft; then you mashed it and make little flat and thin pieces; put them in the pan and fry them, once ready, add beans, chicken, guacamole, whatever your heart desires, it is delicious!

There were so many and varied products that I could spend a good while talking about them, but I hope you have had an idea of what it is a week night on this part of the world. As good foodies, our motto is to travel, to eat, to take photos and to write!

As foodies, our favourite part is to eat! Here you can find organic and artisan products, like bread, honey, cheeses, and even olives. Recently, artisan stuff have become very popular in this corner of the world.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and wish you good vibes for the week and lots of smiles!

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