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Awesome Pizza Recipes!

Awesome Pizza Recipes!

This week I bring you another recipe roundup, this time is all about delicious pizza! This is a longer roundup as my wish is to keep you entertained for a little while since I won't be going updating the blog as much during September. As some of you may know, my baby was born with a little hole in her heart, a condition called Tetralogy of Fallot and she will be undergoing heart surgery in 2 weeks time. I am planning to return in October but since this little blog is my creative outlet I might come back earlier.

We are scared, naturally, but also hopeful and positive, we trust this hardship will bring us together as a family and will changer her life for the better!

Now, let's have a look at all of these recipes, thanks to the wonderful food bloggers for their help by letting me share their marvellous creations!

Homemade Pizza Seasoning

Of course you want to make your own pizza so let's start from the very beginning by learning how to make pizza seasoning. 

Next up, we need to prepare the base! It doesn't have to be complicated as you will see here!

If you are looking for a healthier option, why not try a cauliflower base?

Or try a completely different approach and go for a sweet potato base, how about that!

As a big fan of pizza, the ultimate comfort food, I have tried to make my own. This one is when I was still pregnant and had cravings of pizza all the time!

Now, some improved classics: Bacon and red onion pizza, grilled on the grill! Did you know you can do that? I certainly didn't!

Source:   WendyPolisi.com

Source: WendyPolisi.com

Nothing better than to enjoy the deliciousness of pizza with zero guilt. Try this California Club Pizza full of veggies and goodness!

My current favorite, and an absolute classic: Margherita Pizza!

Another favorite of mine, which I also know as a Regina pizza, a safe and delicious choice.

Burrata Pizza

After hearing a lot about burrata I decided to give it a try and now can't have enough of it!

Full of mediterranean flavors and ideal for your summer barbeques!

Now let's have a look a even less conventional ways to eat pizza, with unexpected ingredients, like this breakfast pizza.

Or this carrot pizza with carrot sauce, what an awesome way to surprise your loved ones!

Source:   TheBestIdeasForKids.com

Source: TheBestIdeasForKids.com

If you have kids that are picky eaters then I'm sure they will love this snowman muffin!

Pizza Pockets

Another fun idea if you have kids! Teach them how to make these delicious pizza pockets!

Pizza Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Are you a lover of convenience and deliciousness? I know I am. Like I mentioned before, if it was my choice I'd eat pizza all the time! Sandwiches are so easy to make! Since you are here, and we are talking about sandwiches, check out my avocado pesto sandwich recipe!

Just look a that cheesy deliciuosness. I learnt about air fryers from another food blogger colleague, and since December I've been meaning to get one, I'm so curious about them, so versatile! What do you think about air fryers?

We are approaching the end of this list and I'm leaving the most curious pizza recipes for the end! Mixing cheese and fruit is one of the fanciest ways I can imagine to treat a loved one, just imagine the festival of flavors in this flatbread!

You can also have pizza for dessert! What toppings to use? The sky is the limit, but I suggest you try this chocolate chip pizza recipe!

Do you eat with your eyes? If so, you will love admiring these beautiful pictures while day-dreaming about pizza pancakes for breakfast!

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Pizza Recipes #movienight #pizzarecipes #dinnerideas #yummy #recipe | FoodieFoodMood.com

Pizza Recipes #movienight #pizzarecipes #dinnerideas #yummy #recipe | FoodieFoodMood.com

Thanks for reading! And thanks once again to people who shared their creativity with me!

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